We register students everyday
12-month school calendar
230 days per year
Dual Full Curricula
Intensive English Program
15 hours per week
Comprehensive Music and Arts
Program with no cost

American Global Prep School is dedicated to equipping our students with an academic dexterity in core subjects as well as proficiency in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. We accept transfers from other schools, so prerequisites become a factor in placing incoming students, especially those entering classes in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) program.


The primary goal of AGPS Athletics is to encourage each student to pursue excellence in sports, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. We strive to create an atmosphere that allows students to develop holistically in body mind, and spirit.




AGPS is devoted to cultivating creative, compassionate, and innovative global thinkers. An exceptional arts education is essential to this mission. Music, drawing, dance, and drama are the central avenues of creative expression and communicate the human experience directly across time, space, culture, and condition.

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